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Love's Tangle

The Wild Rose Press, Inc; English Tea Rose. 1st edition. Published 22 Sept, 2013

With her dying breath, Elinor Milford's mother urges her to escape penury by seeking help from Allingham Hall. But the owner of this vast estate is a rich and powerful duke, far too young to have known her mother. Disguised as a dairymaid, Elinor sets out to unearth the secrets of her birth and unleashes a love affair that is tested to its limits.

Gabriel Claremont, Duke of Allingham, tries to forget his painful past in the shallow pleasures of his dissipated peers. Yet the new dairymaid, hiding behind mousy clothes and a modest demeanour, intrigues him. She is unlike any servant he has ever known. Despite his vow to to live without love, he is drawn to her far more than he will admit and soon finds himself fighting a tangle of fierce emotions.

How far must Elinor and Gabriel go to unravel the threads of their past--and discover their future?



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The Major's Guarded Heart

Mills and Boon Historical ISBN 978-0-263-89860-6 Published 1 November, 2013
Harlequin Historical ISBN 978-0-373-30678-7 Published 1 November, 2013


From the moment ladies' companion Elizabeth Ingram sees the imposing major, Sir Justin Delacourt, her head is full of romantic ideas—ideas that end with Lizzie being caught trespassing on his estate, mistaken for a poacher!
Despite his disdain for womanly wiles, Justin can't get the lively Lizzie out of his mind. And when she joins him in his quest to investigate a friend's mysterious disappearance he realizes that a woman of Lizzie's courage and determination might also be capable of stealing his heart…



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Unmasking Miss Lacey

Mills and Boon Historical ISBN 978–0–263-89815-6 Published 1 March 2013
Harlequin Historical ISBN 13-978-0-373-30661-9 Published 1 March 2013

STAND AND DELIVER! Incorrigible Jack Beaufort, Earl of Frensham, with a scandal at his heels, is taking an enforced sojourn in the country. He hardly expects to confront a highwayman in this quiet retreat. Or to discover, when he lays hands on the villain, a form that is undeniably female...Should he unmask the daring Miss Lacey and hand her over to the law? Or follow his rakish instincts to take the law and that temptingly curvaceous form into his own hands?



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Society's Most Scandalous Rake

Mills and Boon Historical ISBN 978-0-263-89243-7 Published May 2012
Harlequin Historical ISBN 13-978-0-373-30641-1 Published May 2012

Domino de Silva – young, beautiful and innocent - charms everyone she meets but beneath her sparkling smile, she is nursing a broken heart. Or thinks she is. Then a summer spent in Brighton offers her delectable temptation in the form of Mr Joshua Marchmain, reputed to be society's most notorious rebel. Joshua is amusing, intelligent and wickedly handsome and his dangerous allure can disgrace even the purest of ladies. An overwhelming force draws Joshua and Domino together – but there are those in society who would stop at nothing to keep them apart…


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The Earl Plays with Fire

Mills and Boon Historical ISBN 978-0-263-88808-9  Published Oct 2011
Harlequin Historical ISBN 13-978-0-373-30618-3 Published June 2011

At 25 years old, Christabel Tallis knows that she must marry and soon; she is resigned to accepting a worthy but dull suitor approved by her family.  Then her world is turned upside down by the reappearance in London of Richard Veryan, a man she jilted a few weeks before their wedding. 

Although they had been the best of friends in childhood, Richard is in no mood to forgive her for the misery she caused six years previously.  He plans his revenge carefully, intending to make Christabel his lover simply for the pleasure of rejecting her.  Against her will she finds herself falling passionately in love with him and is riddled with guilt for betraying the man she has agreed to marry.  At the same time Richard finds it increasingly hard to maintain his cold detachment but just when he realises the truth of his feelings, he discovers that his plotting has lost the trust of the woman he truly loves.


Two star-crossed lovers but will they finally find happiness together?
Isabelle Goddard's writing is sharp and crisp, her period detail evocative and authentic, her pacing zesty and her characters nuanced and believable. In The Earl Plays with Fire, she has penned a wonderfully compelling tale peppered with action, intrigue, passion and adventure which readers will be unable to put down.  I adored Richard and Christabel's story and I was completely captivated by their dramatic, tempestuous and moving love story.
Cataromance, July 2011

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Reprobate Lord, Runaway Lady

Mills and Boon Historical  ISBN 978-0-263-87842-4  Published Jan 2011
Harlequin Historical ISBN 13-978-0-373-30614-5 Published April 2011

It is early morning in the London of 1815 and Amelie Silverdale is fleeing her betrothal to a vicious, degenerate man. Dressed as a maidservant, she climbs out of her bedroom window and literally falls into the arms of Gareth Denville. He has returned from exile on the Continent, after being wrongly accused of cheating at cards seven years ago. But it soon becomes obvious that the old scandal lives on and he decides to leave England for good. Amelie and Gareth are kindred spirits seeking escape and in the adventures that follow a fierce passion erupts between them. But they are also both deceivers hiding secret identities ………What will happen when their old lives catch up with them?


An enchanting, compelling and highly romantic read…….Isabelle Goddard has written an outstanding debut novel that sparkles with first rate characterization, vivid period detail, heart-pounding adventure and tender romance.
Pink Heart Review, 7 February 2011


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